Thursday, October 29, 2009

There's No Crying In Baseball!!

My 9 year old son was a pitcher for his baseball team and wanted to practice one day. My husband was out of town that weekend, so I said I would catch for him. He was more than hesitant, but since I was a softball player in high school and grew up with four brothers, I was more than confident. I gloated about my awesome abilities and finally talked him into it. I did well for the first couple of pitches but I could tell my son wasn’t giving his all, so I told him to really bring the heat. He looked at me for a second, asked if I was sure, and then drew back his arm and released with all his might. I flinched a bit and didn’t get my hand up in time and the ball bounced off the glove and hit me in the face, shattering my nose! I was way too embarrassed to feel the pain, and it was causing me to laugh uncontrollably while my son ran around yelling for help to anyone who could hear it. It was awful! I have since had to have reconstructive surgery to fix the damage!

-Submitted by Laura

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Circle Time - Not kid friendly!

"My husband went in for a vasectomy this summer and was 'bed-ridden' for just a couple of days. He spent his time in the basement on the couch playing video games, which was fine with me. Our 4 year old daughter, A, went downstairs to see Daddy when he happened to be cleaning and changing his bandages. Being a curious pre schooler, she asked what he was doing. We are pretty open and honest in our house so DH proceeded to tell her how he had to make a little 'nest' so that things wouldn't move around and get hurt. She watched and went about her day and we didn't think too much about it. A few days later A's pre school teacher caught me before we left and had told me that A had shared the whole thing during circle time. She had told her teachers and all of her friends, in GREAT detail, about Daddy's surgery and the little 'nest' that he had to make. Her teacher laughed heartily while recounting the story and told me how hard it was to keep a straight face while A innocently shared such a personal story!"

-Submitted by Julia

"We got dollars now?"

I was at our local "small town" grocery store with my two children 6 and 3. Needless to say with our current economy, money has been tight. My youngest has been asking for new clothes or toys lately, and all I tell her is Mommy doesn't have any dollars right now. So back to my "small town" grocery store: picture the checkout packed with people you know. I had gotten some money and had a full basket of much needed groceries. I was putting them on the belt when my 3 year old realized what was going on. She says in her loudest, most excited voice, "Mommy we got dollars now?" I tried to laugh off the situation, but she just kept yelling "Mommy we got dollars now? We got money?" Everyone around could hear and they couldn't help laughing at the obviously embarrassing moment. I was mortified!

-Submitted by Sara