Thursday, October 29, 2009

There's No Crying In Baseball!!

My 9 year old son was a pitcher for his baseball team and wanted to practice one day. My husband was out of town that weekend, so I said I would catch for him. He was more than hesitant, but since I was a softball player in high school and grew up with four brothers, I was more than confident. I gloated about my awesome abilities and finally talked him into it. I did well for the first couple of pitches but I could tell my son wasn’t giving his all, so I told him to really bring the heat. He looked at me for a second, asked if I was sure, and then drew back his arm and released with all his might. I flinched a bit and didn’t get my hand up in time and the ball bounced off the glove and hit me in the face, shattering my nose! I was way too embarrassed to feel the pain, and it was causing me to laugh uncontrollably while my son ran around yelling for help to anyone who could hear it. It was awful! I have since had to have reconstructive surgery to fix the damage!

-Submitted by Laura

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